Laboratory Imaging

Image Analysis Systems

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  • Advanced Research

    Supports full 6D acquisition for demanding live cell experiments.

  • Basic Research For standard research applications such as analysis and photo documentation of fluorescent imaging.

  • Documentation Superior workflow management and archiving capabilities.
  • Measurements Accross Time Enables to record average pixel intensities within defined region of interest during a time interval.
  • Advanced Image Processing NIS-Elements™ innovative image processing offers advanced visualization methods, like capturing 3D data sets, 2D/3D data set analysis, and large image stitching.
  • Image Quantification Offers useful functions for the image quantification, like Automated measurement, Object classifier and Regions of interest (ROIs).
  • Industrial The Metallo module provides efficient tools for metallography analysis of cast iron or steel.
  • JOBS So called Jobs present a great improvement when working with complex image acquisition and data analysis.The user can easily and intuitively create his own processes, even without the knowledge of programming.
  • Live Cell Acquisition Offers the possibilities of advanced ND acquisition, triggered acquisition, incubation and TTL/Analog IO.
  • Photodocumentation NIS-Elements uses its own document structure, user adjustable layout, database module, image management and easy data export.
  • LUCIA KARYO LUCIA Karyo is a system for karyotyping of human chromosomes.
  • LUCIA FISH LUCIA FISH is the powerful software package ideal for all FISH applications.
  • LUCIA CGH LUCIA CGH is a special software for Comparative Genomic Hybridization. Advanced statistics tools are offered, which help users to get reliable CGH results.
  • LUCIA MFISH LUCIA MFISH is a software for multicolor FISH.
  • LUCIA Comet Assay The LUCIA Comet Assay is designed for both routine and advanced research measurements.
  • LUCIA Metaphase Finder

    LUCIA Metaphase Finder is a system for automated scanning and finding metaphase spreads on various types of cytogenetics samples.

  • LUCIA MicroNucleus Automated Scoring of In Vitro Micronucleus Assay.
  • LUCIA Forensic A software package dedicated to forensic image comparisons. Common image analysis functions are also available.
  • BalScan A ballistic identification system for routine bullet and cartridge case scanning and comparison work.
  • RI A system for estimating the refractive index of small glass splinters by the immersion method.
  • TrasoScan A scanning system for shoeprint image acquisition and analysis.
  • ToolScan A complex system for scanning of tool marks.
  • Custom Solutions Custom made software/hardware solutions.
  • Microspectra A complete system for microspectroscopy in forensic science.
  • ToolScan R360 ToolScan enhancement for cylindrical object scanning.
  • Microscopy Hardware If you are in search for some particular piece of hardware or would like us to arrange a complete imaging workstation, please contact our sales department.
  • Concrete This solution was created for automated and semi-automated measurement of air void characteristics of hardened concrete.
  • Vitrinite Vitrinite is an application for a measurement of coal random reflectance, maceral analysis and minimal/maximal reflectance.
  • Filters Filters is a special application for analysing cleanliness of filters according to the international ISO 4406 and ISO 16232 standards.
  • Welds measurement Do you seek a comfortable tool for measurement of fillet and lap welds? Pick the welds measurement module.