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Laboratory Imaging internal seminar

Laboratory Imaging internal seminar took place in the company training facility on Friday October 30th...

Laboratory Imaging internal seminar took place in the company training facility on Friday October 30th. As usually, this was a great oportunity to share know-how and developement knowledge between Laboratory Imaging staff members. It was a day full of interesting presentations.

In the NIS-Elements field, plans of developement for the year 2010 have been introduced. Also, some specialized applications were explained in detail (Nikon A1 Confocal Microscope project, Dual camera mode, LIM 2D/3D deconvolution techniques, 3D objects visualisations, etc).

At the end of the NIS-Elements presentations block, the new Offline (batch) Deconvolution Tool has been shown in action. This tool enables to plan a queue of the time-consuming deconvolution tasks and perform them in any scheduled time period (at night or on weekends). Robust architecture of the tool ensures that all tasks will finish correctly even if some unexpected event (e.g. power outage) occurs.

The biomedicine section of LIM talked about two remarkable innovations finished in the year 2009. These are a new complex LUCIA Metaphase Finder system and its full integration with products of the LUCIA Cytogenetics 2 family, and an advanced data management of the acquired images, analysis results and patients utilizing a central database server.

Developers of the forensic section of LIM presented their specialized devices finished in the year 2009. The three worth to point out here are BalScan - a specialized bullet, cartridge case, toolmark and coin scanner, and TrasoScan - a high resolution footprint scanner, and RI1 conroller - a heating stage controller for refractive index measurement. In the and, new features of the LUCIA Forensic software package were demonstrated. The release of LUCIA Forensic is scheduled around the beginning of the year 2010.

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