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Welcome to the Laboratory Imaging official website. Since 1990, we have been developing image analysis software applications. The experience we have gathered is reflected in our high quality products:


The complete solution for all the image analysis experiments - from basic to the most sophisticated ones.


LUCIA Cytogenetics is oriented on solving biomedical image analysis tasks.


We provide image analysis applications widely used in the field of criminology and forensic sciences.


Laboratory Imaging, Ltd. developed many specialized imaging applications and can deliver them including all hardware components.

VĂ­ce.. 21.10.2014 - 23.10.2014    attendance 11th European Meeting fot SPTM 2014 - ENFSI Marks WG (Prague, Czech Republic) :  We will take part in the 11th European Meeting fot SPTM 2014 - ENFSI Marks WG conference in Prague, Czech republic, where we'll present our products - ToolScan and TrasoScan. We are also proud to be among the sponsors of this event.